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Nome: ultraim pro.jar
Sistemas operacionais: iOS. Windows XP/7/10. MacOS. Android.
Licença:Apenas para uso pessoal (compre mais tarde!)
Tamanho do arquivo:22.39 MB


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REG files: regedit. I am looking through the last log posted, but wanted to ask - do you know why there is an entire copy of an older System32 folder stored in the actual System32 folder?


Did you upgrade this computer and save those from the past? It is difficult with not being familiar with much of the software you have, as quite a bit of it may be common use in Asian areas but little seen in American or European or other sectors of the world. There are very obvious infection drivers, including some rootkit ones, which we are about to remove. But when trying to determine what is good, and what isn't, again these unknowns. I want to caution you that working like this, error can occur, though I do as much research as i can before suggesting any corrections.

Please post that log in your next reply along with a new Hijackthis log please. Much improved, but still an active Browser helper Object that is either called Thunder, or Kingsoft Trojan Webshield, and I don't see either as installed items on your list.

The first two because at least one of them brings very questionable changes, and the second because it suggests a function known to be misused by infection. Reboot after all uninstalls. When the ActiveX Control has loaded, click on "Click here to scan" and take a break for a while. When BitDefender completes the scan, select the "Detected Problems" tab. Click on "Click here to export the scan report".

Then click on the saved file and allow it to open with your browser. Go to Edit - Select All. Copy the log from the Startup Programs file back here, along with a new HijackThis scan and the BitDefender log please. This website is not authorized to host this active control.

No, do not use the HijackThis for uninstalling - it only deletes but does not uninstall. You have at least BitDefender disabled from starup through msconfig, but this is not guaranteeing it is not monitoring in some way there. But I believe the active infection is blocking many things there.

No more PM's though - we work only here. Try these two methods now, and use wprks best for you.


Open HijackThis, and choose None of the above, just start the program. From the list, click each of the following if it is present, and Kill Process. Check again to make sure these processes stay stopped. Close HijackThis.


Run HostsXpert. Then again try to disable all protective software and run BitDefender. See if you can run BitDefender this way. Taka, I have checked through both Chinese and English language repair sites, and I can see that the infection on your system is very new, and is using tricks to hide parts of itself from us.

So as we delete what we see, what we do not see repairs that right after. We'll need more information to determine a good solution. Use either of the Local Download buttons to download sreng2. Extract it to it's own folder on your Desktop, then double click SREng.


Click on the [Scan] button 4. This is a very large log file, so you can choose to either post it here, or zip a copy of it and send it to jintan cfl.

Please place "Submitted Files - Taka" as the email Subject. These repairs will not be completed quickly or in one day.


Patience and persistence will come through though. I understand it is pretty far up in the north of Mainland China, and wonder if you had ever traveled there. I received that, thanks. I will review it and likely post back more steps from it tomorrow - it is late here.

Laughter is good for you, I would say, though not sure why here or now. I have been assessing other repair threads working on this same infection, as all seem to be running into difficulties and are doing unsuccessful steps that there is no need for us to repeat here. What is the reason you have no access to the Control Panel? Let's assume one item and see if we can make that change now. Windows Registry Editor Version 5.

If the Control Panel was just not showing in the Start menu see if it there after that registry change step. In looking back I see where you said that earlier on. The logs do not show the method that is causing those to be hidden. Also try just pressing the "Windows" key on either side of your space bar. No, I can assume what it looks like without the taskbar. Press Ctrl - Alt - Delete, then go to File - new task. Type in appwiz. Make sure ComboFix. When the scan completes post that new combofix.

Again although you are eager be aware I may not be posting responses so am either unavailable or am reviewing solutions. Best to be safe and Cancel and allow it to complete. Before sending it rename the zip file by changing it to. Although the SmitFraudFix log did not show what would be expected with behaviors like these missing accesses let's use it's second phase anyway, then repeat the earlier full deletion of all items seen so far.

If either of these scans forces a reboot be sure to return to Safe Mode to complete these steps as posted. Delete the existing ComboFix. Reboot into Safe Mode. Once in Safe Mode, double-click on SmitfraudFix. You will be prompted : "Registry cleaning - Do you want to clean the registry? The tool will now check if wininet.

You may be prompted to replace the infected file if found ; answer "Yes" by typing Y and press "Enter". The tool may need to restart your computer to finish the cleaning process. If it does, restart back into Safe Mode to complete the next step.


SmitFraudFix v2. C drive combofix folder do i need to right click del? The need to delete the older ComboFix. No results I see from SmitFraudFix.

If the ComboFix error happened in a Safe Mode scan run that same scan in normal mode, and see if you can produce a current log. Post that along with a new HijackThis, Silent Runners and Reglooks log and we will see about creating a complete infection removal step. Let's see if we can locate and remove some hidden registry keys.

When you run ComboFix and do not have success, what happens? Does it just scan without ending? No, ignore that second system32 folder issue. Locate the new ComboFix.

This will be needed for the next step. What I would like you to do is place a copy of ComboFix.

In the view panel, locate the following running process. If it does not allow this, or you see the file re-appear after, then instead right click and select "Suspend". Then locate, right click and "Kill Process" the following as well.

Leave Process Explorer open, but minimize it minus sign, upper right corner. Again, for this next step make sure you have placed a copy of ComboFix. Look under "Script file to execute" and click on "Input Script Manually". Position your mouse inside the box, rightclick and choose Paste.

All the text above in the code box should now appear there. Click Done and click on the Green Light to begin execution of the script. Answer "Yes" twice when prompted. The Avenger will restart your computer.

When you have rebooted, a black command window briefly opens on your desktop, this is normal. A logfile will be created that records all actions that The Avenger performed.


I would also like you to follow up on the loading of the larger Qoobox folder I mentioned in a reply email. Assuming these steps went well post back the avenger. C folder ComboFix. Line will be ignored.

Error code: 0 Error: could not create reboot file. Error code: 0 Error: could not create reboot batch. Error code: 0. This is a computer repair Taka, so is not something to miss sleep for. Too many things in the world provide that without adding worries about fixing a machine. One problem is I copied and pasted the Avenger script incorrectly, though the additional errors it shows in your log I would think are not related to this.

Use Task Manager to New Task the following: cmd. Run the Avenger step again using this changed script instead please. Files Created from to Very good, and looks like Avenger did remove some infection in that last run.

Do you have the avenger.


Also do you now have better access to things - do you have Start menu and Taskbar access? I received that Qoobox file folder, and it has some new unknown files to send on for analysis. Much appears to be related to QQ or Sohu in some fashion. The Tencent QQ software appears to be using that Maple Story GameGuard here as protection, and is able to monitor and every activity that occurs on that system. And likely interfere with our repair efforts. The GameGuard files show as actually loaded in the Tencent file folders.

It would be best now if you could try to uninstall Maple Story before we attempt additional changes. Not sure I understand that last sentence Taka. You play Maple Story every day, but you did uninstall it or did not? Also as much of the active infection now no longer shows in these logs, and the Avenger log does not show successful infection removal, can you tell me what step or what occurred that removed all the infected items? I agree I see no instance of explorer. Task Manager - File - New Task, type explorer.

Let me know what occurs when you do this. Task Manager - File - New Task, type control desk. Click on the Desktop tab, click on Customize Desktop button, click on the Web tab. Uncheck everything and delete anything that you did not knowingly add. Then click OK.

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