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There are three basic devices which shape up the working and design of all electronic circuits Penulis : Karyanto, S. Myriad Pro Bold Condensed. A specially designed masonite phantom was used to measure the dose distribution in the simulated target volumes. Joana Levi. Di dalam sistem windows 7 nantinya kita akan melakukan konfigurasi agar. Find fonts similar to Sangli, font by Insigne Design.. Leiturabilidade a facilidade de leitura, diz respeito a composio e a diagramao do texto no suporte. Vrios desses detalhes so resultado de observao do comportamento dos processos industriais de impresso. Later kun je ook attachements unlocken, ben er zelf ook nog niet achter hoe. MegaFilmesHD 1. There are two main. Full Text Available The aim of this study was to evaluate the influence of ligature-induced periodontal disease in pregnant rats on their newborn's health parameters. Valores externos de tipos finos ou em negrito bold ou black so mais cansativos de ler, j que o contraste entre as hastes da letra e dos espaos internos so mais causadores de. Stormline Demo. Curlz MT. Essas duas cores transmitem em dueto, o equilíbrio entre o agitado e o calmo, a energia e a paz, uma criatividade aguçada porém com o cuidado suficiente para saber que é o melhor para o cliente. Onze linhagens de T. Estas so recomendaes mnimas para a correta funcionalidade de uma tipografia em um projeto de sinalizao. Basics of Electrical,.

More than files to free download, No popups, no sign-in. Search engine To download the font Bauhaus Heavy BT, please complete the captcha below. Bauhaus Heavy - Fonte Gratis. Baixe também as variações Bauhaus BT Medium. Baixe também as variações Download Fonte Gratis - Bauhaus Heavy. Estilo da Fonte: Fonte Bauhaus Heavy Bold. Detalhes da Baixe também as variações Bauhaus BT Medium Download Fonte Gratis - Bauhaus Heavy Bold. Esta é a página da fonte Bauhaus-Heavy-Bold. Você pode baixá-lo gratuitamente e sem registro aqui. Esta entrada foi publicada em Wednesday, 21 December. to download here: Primeiro escolha a fonte e depois faça o download aqui: TTF Alexei CopperplateITC-Normal TTF Bauhaus Heavy BT.

Segregant S0, S1 populations and S families were obtained from each of four commercial cultivars assessed: single hybrids C B and. B P Das. A K Das. Volume 28 Issue 2 April pp Fly Ash. The reaction between S K Das. Volume 24 Issue 4 August pp Metals and Alloys. A numerical P Chaitanya Das. Volume 9 Issue 7 July pp Classroom. Volume 33 Issue 4 August pp Electrical Properties. P K Das. Volume 23 Issue 4 August pp Nitride Ceramics. Estudo do crescimento, desempenho, rendimento de carcaça e qualidade de carne de três linhagens de frango de corte Growth, performance, carcass yield and meat quality of three broiler chickens strains.


O delineamento foi inteiramente casualizado, com cinco repetições de 29 aves por tratamento. As características físico-químicas da carne foram avaliadas utilizando-se o peito de duas destas aves.

As aves CB apresentaram maior potencial de crescimento e, entre as caipiras o maior potencial foi observado para PP. This is study aimed to compare growth performance, meat quality, and carcass yield of three.

This study was to find the probable effect of Nicotiana tabacum snuff on the histological features of the pancreas of adult wistar rats. Nicotiana tabacum is a product of smokeless tobacco which contains many toxins and high levels of nicotine.

Twenty male wistar rats weighing g were used for this study. The control Full Text Available The typical yogurt flavor is caused by acetaldehyde produced through many different pathways by the yogurt starter bacteria L. The attention was focused on one specific reaction for acetaldehyde and folic acid formation catalyzed by serine hydroxymethyltransferase SHMT, encoded by the glyA gene.

The behavior of engineered S. The engineered S. These engineered strains showed normal growth in milk when it was supplemented with Casitione. When they were used in milk fermentation it was observed an increase in folic acid and in acetaldehyde production by StA and for StB it was noticed a significative increase in folic acid formation.

Foram construí das linhagens de S. Estas linhagens modificadas apresentaram. Coast-cross and Tyfton and oat Avena sativa straw were tested for the cultivation of A. A completely randomized experimental design in a factorial scheme was adopted, with 12 treatments 4 A.

Each experimental unit corresponded to one box containing 12 The data were submitted to analysis of variance and the means were compared by Tukey test. It was also verified that crude protein, ash, and crude fiber contents in the mushroom varied with A.

Três formulações de composto, à base de palhas de Cynodom dactylon L. O delineamento experimental foi em esquema fatorial, inteiramente casualizado com 12 tratamentos 4 linhagens de A. Também verificou-se que o teor de proteína bruta, cinzas e fibra bruta de basidiomas variou com a linhagem de A.

Full Text Available O melhoramento genético de suínos levou ao surgimento de diversas linhagens suínas que apresentam elevada capacidade de desenvolvimento de massa muscular. These genetic lines have been used in swine production without existing scientificinformation about morphology, knowledge that can elucidate factors related to growth performance, such as weight gain and food conversion in lean meat yield.

The aim of this experiment was to compare the morphology of digestive and non-digestive organs of moderngenotypes. The weight of the organs decreased p Strains of Lentinula edodes suppress growth of phytopathogenic fungi and inhibit Alagoas serotype of vesicular stomatitis virus Linhagens de Lentinula edodes inibem fungos fitopatogênicos e o vírus da estomatite vesicular, sorotipo Alagoas.

Full Text Available Four Lentinula edodes strains Le10, 46, K2, Assai were assessed for their antagonistic effect on four filamentous fungus species of agricultural importance Helminthosporium euphorbiae, Helminthosporium sp, Fusarium solani and Phomopsis sojae and on Alagoas serotype of Vesicular Stomatitis Virus VSA.

The L. The K2 and Le10 strains were antagonistic on the fungi assessed and the 46 and K2 strains were efficient on the Vesicular Stomatitis Virus. The results widened the list of beneficial effects of L. Quatro linhagens de Lentinula edodes Le10, 46, K2, ASSAI foram avaliadas quanto ao seu efeito inibitório sobre quatro espécies de fungos filamentosos de importância agrícola Helminthosporium euphorbiae, Helminthosporium sp. Foi observado que as linhagens de L.

Os resultados obtidos permitem ampliar a lista de efeitos benéficos de algumas linhagens de L. Transgene inheritances and genetic similarities of near isogenic lines of genetically modified common beans Herança de transgenes e similaridade genética de linhagens quase isogênicas de feijoeiro-comum geneticamente modificado.

Full Text Available The objective of the present work was to determine the inheritance and stability of transgenes of a transgenic bean line expressing the genes rep-trap-ren from Bean golden mosaic virus and the bar gene. Crosses were done between the transgenic line and four commercial bean cultivars, followed by four backcrosses to the commercial cultivars. Progenies from each cross were evaluated for the presence of the transgenes by brushing the leaves with glufosinate ammonium and by polymerase chain reaction using specific oligonucleotides.

The transgenes were inherited consistently in a Mendelian pattern in the four crosses studied. The presence of the transgene did not cause any detectable undesirable effect in the evaluated progenies.

O vírus do mosaico comum necrótico do feijoeiro, Bean common mosaic necrosis virus BCMNV, foi inoculado mecanicamente nas gerações avançadas. This research aimed to quantify the characteristics of the productive response of pullets from two distinct genetic strains in multi setter incubator. For this three batches of fertile eggs were monitored in a commercial incubator verifying the impact of the following environmental variables: temperature, air velocity, relative humidity, carbon dioxide concentration and presence of fungi.

The principal components analysis was used for associating the variables of environment, production and losses by observing the magnitude of the vectors. Results showed that the environment of incubation influenced the performance. Melhoramento do trigo: XXX. Evaluation of inbred lines tolerant to aluminum, manganese and iron toxicities under field conditions.

Todos os genótipos avaliados revelaram suscetibilidade aos agentes causais das manchas foliares. Resistance to stem canker, frogeye leaf spot and powdery mildew of soybean lines lacking lipoxigenases in the seeds Resistência ao cancro-da-haste, à cercosporiose e ao oídio de linhagens de soja sem lipoxigenases nas sementes.

Esse sabor característico é proporcionado pelas enzimas lipoxigenases Lox1, Lox2 e Lox3. Todos os materiais genéticos foram resistentes ao cancro-da-haste. Pereskia aculeata: biological analysis on wistar rats.

High essential amino acid concentrations should be underscored, suggesting a better evaluation of the fractions. Current study quantifies amino acid content and the chemical score CS of protein amino acids, determining in vivo digestibility, protein efficiency ratio PER and net protein ratio NPR of P.

Diets that maintain isoproteic and isocaloric characteristics were prepared for the bioassay, namely: casein no protein and Pereskia aculeata leaves-based flour. Eighteen male albino Wistar rats, divided into three experimental groups of 6 animals each, were used to evaluate protein quality and bioavailability of micronutrients. Pereskia aculeata flour provided as a single source is inadequate for growth, although it is relevant for maintaining protein metabolism indicated by net protein ratio 2.

It is actually a good quality protein source due to few limiting essential amino acids, and it meets the diet requirements for humans. Sensibilidade as catecolaminas dos atrios direitos das ratas : influencia das fases do ciclo estral e do "stress".

Mi DAS. The Microbial Database for Activated Sludge Mi DAS field guide is a freely available online resource linking the identity of abundant and process critical microorganisms in activated sludge wastewater treatment systems to available data related to their functional importance.

Phenotypic properties The taxonomy can be used to classify unknown sequences, and the online Mi DAS field guide links the identity to the available information about their morphology, diversity, physiology and distribution. The use of a common taxonomy across the field will provide a solid foundation for the study Suscetibilidade de linhagens de frangos de corte à síndrome ascítica Ascites syndrome effects in different commercial broilers.

Full Text Available O objetivo deste trabalho foi estudar a suscetibilidade à síndrome ascítica de machos e fêmeas em linhagens comerciais de frango de corte. Foram comparadas as linhagens comerciais representadas pela Cobb, Hubbard e Ross, machos e fêmeas. O delineamento utilizado foi o inteiramente casualizado, em esquema fatorial. Os resultados revelaram que a incidência de ascite independe da linhagem comercial dos frangos de corte, entretanto, os machos foram mais suscetíveis.

The objective of this work was to verify the incidence of ascites in males and females on commercial lines of broilers. The commercial lines Cobb, Hubbard and Ross, males and females, were compared. A factorial design was used with three replications per treatment. A total of 1, birds were housed at random in an experimental shed of 8x76 m, with 18 compartments of 3x3.

The results showed that the incidence of ascites was independent of the commercial broiler line, however, males were more susceptible. Productivity of determinate growth tomato lines tolerant to heat under the organic system Produtividade de linhagens de tomate rasteiro tolerantes ao calor sob o sistema orgânico.

Full Text Available The objective of the present work was to evaluate the productive response of heat tolerant lines of determinate growth tomato under the organic production system.

The experimental design was of randomized complete blocks with eight treatments and four replications. There was an inverse relationship between the average weight of the fruits and the number of fruits per plant. The highest average fruit weight of some lines was compensated by the lowest quantity of fruits, in such a way that there were no significant differences among the lines. Symptoms of nutritional deficiency and incidences of pests and diseases were not verified in any of the studied lines.

All lines presented potential for genetic improvement research and cultivation using organic production systems under higher temperature conditions. Foi utilizado o delineamento em blocos casualizados com oito tratamentos e quatro repetições. Comparative Studies on the Cardiovascular System in the Wistar Department of Anatomy Locomotion and Respiration in.

Marine Air — Breathing The drugs were orally administered for thirty-five days. Nenhum dos extratos etanólicos do guaco apresentou atividade antibacteriana significativa para as linhagens de Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Enterococcus faecalis e Enterococcus faecium.

Das , Prof. Gobardhan Ph. Imtech , FNASc. Date of birth: 10 December Contact: Office: , Residence: Sarma, Prof. Dipankar Das. Home; Fellowship. Fellow Profile. Elected: Section: Chemistry. Dipankar Das Ph. Date of birth: 15 September Ikea das Rendas. It took Maria da Guia 2 months to reproduce the Ikea pattern using traditional Portuguese improvised knots.

Sponsor: City of Villa do Conde. Das Kapital e Eu. Elected: Section: General Biology. Saumitra Ph. Date of birth: 20 January The aim of this studywas to evaluate the performance of common bean lineages cultivated during the rainy and winter seasons in the Triângulo Mineiro region, Minas Gerais state, Brazil. Efek antikaries ekstrak gambir pada tikus jantan galur wistar.

Full Text Available Anti-caries effect of gambier extract on male wistar rats. Several previous studies have mentioned that gambir extract can inhibit the growth of Streptococcus mutans S. The objective of this study was to explore the anti-caries effect of gambir extract on male Wistar rats. Thirty-six Wistar rats were inoculated with S.

The data were analyzed using Kruskal Wallis test. The results revealed that caries was found only in occlusal surfaces with an enamel depth. There is no significant difference among all the groups, so it can be concluded that gambir extract at 6 mg, 12 mg and 24 mg doses do not have anti-caries effect on the teeth of male Wistar rats.

Tujuan dari penelitian ini adalah untuk melihat efek antikaries ekstrak gambir pada tikus jantan galur Wistar. Setelah 60 hari, tikus di eutanasia, kemudian dihitung jumlah karies pada permukaan halus dan oklusal dengan menggunakan metode Keyes.

Data dianalisa dengan menggunakan tes Kruskal Wallis. Hasil penelitian diketahui bahwa karies ditemukan hanya pada pemukaan oklusal dengan kedalaman email. Tidak ada perbedaan signifikan antar semua kelompok, sehingga dapat disimpulkan bahwa ekstrak gambir dengan dosis 6 mg, 12 mg dan 24 mg tidak memiliki efek. Sungai citarum merupakan sungai utama di DAS Citarum yang dimanfaatkan untuk berbagai keperluan, tidak hanya digunakan oleh 7 kabupaten dan 2 Kota di Jawa Barat tetapi juga sebagai sumber air baku air minum Kota Jakarta.

Penurunan kualitas maupun kuantitas Sungai Citarum sudah sangat memprihatinkan, kondisi tersebut diakibatkan oleh kesadaran masyarakat dan pemerintah yang belu optimal.

Peraturan-peraturan Pemerintah sudah ada tetapi pelaksanaan dilapangan belum maksimal dibarengi penegakan h Das DNA-Puzzle. Biologen bezeichnen diesen Vorgang als Sequenzierung. Full Text Available The objective of this work was to develop a genetic transformation system for tropical maize genotypes via particle bombardment of immature zygotic embryos. Particle bombardment was carried out using a genetic construct with bar and uidA genes under control of CaMV35S promoter.

The best conditions to transform maize tropical inbred lines L3 and L were obtained when immature embryos were cultivated, prior to the bombardment, in higher osmolarity during 4 hours and bombarded at an acceleration helium gas pressure of 1, psi, two shots per plate, and a microcarrier flying distance of 6. Transformation frequencies obtained using these conditions ranged from 0. Integration of foreign genes into the genome of maize plants was confirmed by Southern blot analysis as well as bar and uidA gene expressions.

The maize genetic transformation protocol developed in this work will possibly improve the efficiency to produce new transgenic tropical maize lines expressing desirable agronomic characteristics. Foram avaliadas, no período de dezembro de a março de , dez linhagens de arroz irrigadoem delineamento experimental de blocos ao acaso com quatro repetições. However the local agribusiness commercializes basically the long-thin class white rice.

The diversification of grain types, as the demanded for Japanese cuisine, creates an opportunity for vertical integration of production and provides increased income, since the price of the product reaches an average of two to three times higher than the local type.

Thus, the purpose of this study was to evaluate the performance. Experimentaram-se 74 variedades de repôlho e 59 de couve-flor. Em iniciou-se em Campinas, na E.

Seus defeitos foram eliminados, possuindo-se dêle boas linhagens. A method for extraction and HPLC separation of carotenoids from fiveRhodotorula strains was optimized. The extraction by mechanical disruption of the yeast cell wall with fine treated sand was shown to be more efficient than chemical disruption with dimethylsulfoxide. A deep understanding of the microbial communities and dynamics in wastewater treatment systems is a powerful tool for process optimization and design Rittmann et al.

With the advent of amplicon sequencing of the 16S rRNA gene, the diversity within the microbial communities can now The Mi DAS taxonomy proposes putative names for each genus-level-taxon that can be used as a common vocabulary for all researchers in the field Repercussões temporais da ligadura do ducto biliar principal em ratos Wistar. Zinc deficient diet consequences for pregnancy andoffsprings of Wistar rats.

After this time they were coupled with normal male Wistar rats. No differences regarding fecundity and sterility were observed between the groups. During pregnancy, part of the animals from severe and mild Zn deficient groups received the same diet and the others received normal diet. The animals fro It is the "virtual bulletin board" for the exchange and provision of information on the study of medicine within the faculty.

The system is used with the focus on document management.

Bauhaus Heavy

The use of the interactive learning contents and programme takes place as a web-based support of the required attendance classes and independent study. The tools available on the platform are used within the departments for the integration of computer-assisted examination concepts, and the conducting of online course evaluations.

LRN betrieben. Das System wird eingesetzt mit dem Schwerpunkt der Kurs- und Dokumentenverwaltung. Die Nutzung der interaktiven Lerninhalte und -programme erfolgt als webbasierte Unterstützung der Präsenzveranstaltungen sowie im Selbststudium.

Die in der Plattform verfügbaren Tools werden in den Fachbereichen zur Integration computerunterstützter Prüfungskonzepte sowie zur Durchführung von Online-Kursevaluationen eingesetzt.

Resistência de soja a insetos: IV. Resistance of soybean to insects: IV. Performance of cultivars and lines in relation to Hedilepta indicata Fabr. Tanto no campo como em telado, IAC e PI apresentaram, respectivamente, o menor e o maior valor. Performance of soybean cultivars and lines in relation to H. Full Text Available Este trabalho foi realizado com o objetivo de avaliar a divergência genética de três linhagens de matrizes de corte do Programa de Melhoramento Genético da UFV.

Traits were measured on hens 90 of each lineage and two different methods were used to evaluate genetic divergence. Effects of electroconvulsive seizures on depression-related behavior, memory and neurochemical changes in Wistar and Wistar -Kyoto rats. Investigations in healthy outbred rat strains have shown a potential role for brain-derived neurotrophic factor BDNF and the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal HPA axis in the antidepressant and memory side effects of electroconvulsive therapy ECT, or ECS in animals.

Male Wistar and WKY rats received 5days of repeated ECS or sham treatment and were assessed 1 and 7days later for 1 depression-like behavior and mobility; 2 retrograde memory; and 3 brain BDNF protein, brain corticotropin-releasing factor CRF and plasma corticosterone levels. Both strains showed the expected antidepressant response and retrograde memory impairments at 1day following ECS, which were sustained at 7days.

The model of 5 daily ECS was effective at eliciting behavioral and neurochemical changes in both strains. All rights reserved. Full Text Available Vanillin production from ferulate was studied using different recombinant strains of Escherichia coli. To prevent the occurrence of aerobic conditions and then possible product oxidation, tests were performed in Erlenmeyer flasks under mild mixing rpm. Among other transformants, E. Full Text Available Production of chitosan was conducted using two Mucoralean strains, Mucor racemosus and Cunninghamella elegans.

Chitosan was extracted from mycelia of M. In both fungi, chitosan was rapidly produced, while highest yield of extractable chitosan was found in 24h of cultivation in submerged culture.

The yield of chitosan isolated from dry mycelia of M. Quitosana foi extraída a partir dos micélios de M. Para ambos os fungos, quitosana foi rapidamente produzida, com rendimentos de quitosana mais elevados após 24h de cultivo em cultura submersa. O rendimento de quitosana isolada a partir de micélio seco de M. The effects of aqueous extract of Spondias mombin leaves on testicular characteristics and neonatal birth weights after oral treatment of male and female Morphological evaluation of the superior colliculus of young Wistar Morphological evaluation of the superior colliculus of young Wistar rats following prenatal exposure to Carica papaya leaf extract.

Sodium arsenite-induced reproductive toxicities in male Wistar rats Sodium arsenite-induced reproductive toxicities in male Wistar rats: role of Tridax procumbens leaf extract. Bulletin of Animal Health and Production in Africa In the present study, the effects of ethanol leaf extract of Tridax procumbens A number of therapeutic agents are known to alter serum trace element levels with dangerous consequences. An earlier study had demonstrated significant alteration in the Guyton, A.

Textbook of Medical. Physiology, 9th. Saunders Company,. Philadelphia, pp. Histological evaluation of the prefrontal cortex of infantile Wistar rats Primiparous Wistar rats were mated, and pregnancy was confirmed. A daily dose of 0. The rate of development and maturation of brain cells was reduced, as well as a reduction in the Nessa perspectiva, foi possível observar a presença de alcaloides, e também, fenóis e taninos. Das Reflektierende Team.

Jüngere empirische Forschung dazu, wie Predigthörende Predigten wahrnehmen und mit ihnen interagieren, deutet darauf hin, dass Predigende als Gesprächspartner und als theologischer Spiegel der Gemeinde wahrgenommen werden. Die Gemeinde gelangt im Dialog mit den Worten der Predigt zu eigenen Dabei handelt es sich um einen liminalen, rituell konturierten Raum, in dem Hörende Predigtelemente rezipieren und in ihre eigenen gelebten Erfahrungen einbauen.

Die Methode geht davon aus, dass einzelne Subjekte Teil einer Foram utilizadas sementes de quatro linhagens de milho, classificadas em dois tamanhos. The objective of this study was to observe viability of introduction of ten lines and two cultivars of green cowpea for processing and preservation. The preservation procedure started by diluting, pod bleaching and packing in glass recipients.

To qualify the twelve lots of grains for preservation, the maturation degree was verified according to grain color, in its totality green, obtained approximately 30 to 40 days after flowering.

Physical and chemical studies of the green grains. Genetically determined differences in the resistance to myocardial infarction in Wistar and August rats.

Adrenoreactivity of the myocardium in August rats was decreased compared to that in Wistar rats. These peculiarities can determine high resistance of August rats to myocardial infarction. Although there are more than active registered servers from around 50 organizations, setting up a DAS server comprises a fair amount of work, making it difficult for many research groups to share their biological annotations.

Given the clear advantage that the generalized sharing of relevant biological data is for the research community it would be desirable to facilitate the sharing process.

Results Here we present easy DAS , a web-based system enabling anyone to publish biological annotations with just some clicks. The created sources are hosted on the EBI systems and can take advantage of its high storage capacity and network connection, freeing the data provider from any network management work.

Conclusions easy DAS is an automated DAS source creation system which can help many researchers in sharing their biological data, potentially increasing the amount of relevant biological data available to the scientific community. Full Text Available The objective of this work was to evaluate yield and chemical composition of oyster mushroom strains newly introduced in Bangladesh. Pleurotus ostreatus was used as control. Pleurotus geesteranus PG1 showed higher economic yield and biological performance, and better chemical composition, especially in terms of protein and mineral contents.

Pleurotus geesteranus PG1 shows better performance than P.

Tipografia para Sinalização

Pleurotus ostreatus foi utilizado como controle. Pleurotus geesteranus PG1 apresenta melhor desempenho que P. Origens das formas budistas. Bingo das Ervilhas. O material utilizado foi elaborado a partir da literatura existente e trabalhado sob a forma de uma oficina ministrada a professores de Ensino Fundamental e Médio de escolas de abrangência da 4a.

Comportamento de linhagens em cinco regiões paulistas Wheat breeding. Em laboratório, foram realizados estudos da tolerância ao alumínio, em soluções nutritivas. Twenty two inbred lines from the wheat breeding. Capacidade combinatória para resistência àmancha branca em linhagens endogâmicas de milho.

O delineamento experimental utilizado foi o de blocos ao acaso com 3 repetições e 2 testemunhas comerciais IAC e DKB Avaliou-se a severidade da mancha branca nas linhagens , nos 36 híbridos simples resultantes de cada dialelo parcial 6x6 e nos dois híbridos comerciais.

The severity of white leaf spot were evaluated in the lines, in the 36 single cross hybrids results of two partial diallel 6x6 and in the two commercial hybrids. Full Text Available Pratylenchus brachyurus , a plant parasitic nematode which has wide distribution due to a broad range of hosts, causes damages to soybean all over the world. Chlorosis and dwarfing in soybean plants are very common symptoms associated with this nematode infestation.

The present work had as objective to evaluate the resistance of soybean cultivars and lines to P. Seeds of all genotypes were treated with a mixture of alcohol, sodium hypochloride, water Pre-germinated seedlings were inoculated with nematodes and, after 50 days under greenhouse conditions, the plants were harvested, when nematode number per root system and reproduction factors were evaluated.

All genotypes tested were found to be infested with the nematode. However, O presente trabalho teve por objetivo avaliara a resistência de cultivares e linhagens de soja a P.

Mexamine used to decrease radiation damage to Wistar rat embryogenesis. The agent caused various abnormalities in pregnancy, delivery and postnatal development of the offspring of nonirradiated animals, and it was almost ineffective when used for the prevention of radiation damages during the anrnatal ontogenesis.

Insect damage and powdery mildew severity in soybean cultivars and lines Danos de insetos e severidade de oídio em cultivares e linhagens de soja. Full Text Available The use of soybean cultivars resistant to insects and diseases reduces the application of pesticides, decreasing production costs and promoting a sustainable agriculture. Chrysomelid injuries were estimated by the percentage of leaf area removed, and stink bug damage was evaluated by the percentage of leaf retention LRP and yield.

Within the early maturity group days, IAC showed good yield levels, low LRP, and resistance to powdery mildew. Assim, avaliaram-se os danos causados por percevejos e coleópteros crisomelídeos e a severidade de oídio Microsphaera diffusa em cultivares e linhagens de soja de ciclos precoce, semiprecoce e médio, em. Desvelando a Internet das Coisas.

Full Text Available O presente artigo pretende relatar as origens da Internet das Coisas, seu estado de arte e evidenciar seus principais vetores.

Behavioral changes of Wistar rats with experimentally-induced painful diabetic neuropathy Mudança do comportamento de ratos Wistar no modelo experimental de neuropatia diabética dolorosa. Full Text Available With the purpose of studying data on spontaneous customary changes in diabetic rats, we induced diabetes in 28 Wistar rats with streptozotocin. The animals were observed for 27 weeks in an attempt to characterize spontaneous customary changes that could suggest signs of chronic pain.

Morphine, as a central-acting potent analgesic and its specific antagonist naloxone, were used. Our results evidenced in the animals a clinical syndrome similar to human diabetes. Long-term customary analysis revealed a significant pCom o objetivo de estudar dados sobre mudança de comportamento em ratos com neuropatia diabética dolorosa, induzimos diabetes em 28 ratos Wistar com estreptozotocina.

A naloxona antagonizou os efeitos da morfina. A capacidade produtiva foi avaliada em experimento em blocos ao acaso com 18 tratamentos 16 linhagens e dois híbridos do tipo caipira, Safira e Guarani, quatro repetições e cinco plantas por parcela, em estufa agrícola com as laterais abertas possibilitando a entrada de insetos polinizadores.

A partenocarpia foi avaliada verificando o pegamento de frutos em cada linhagem. Os híbridos Safira e Guarani produziram respectivamente 23,1 e 19,1 frutos planta-1, sendo, respectivamente, 21,9 e 17,5 frutos comerciais. As massas total e comercial de frutos por planta foram respectivamente 3,8 e 3,6 kg para o híbrido Safira e 2,9 e 2,7 kg para o híbrido Guarani. O delineamento experimental foi inteiramente casualizado, com três repetições. Twenty nine processing tomato inbred lines were evaluated for their efficiency in nutrient uptake and in their response to fertilization.

Two field assays were carried out at Embrapa Hortaliças, Brazil, with distinct fertilization dosages in The experiments were conducted using a completely randomized design with three replications. The critical values in order to distinguish efficient versus non-efficient as well as responsive versus non-responsive inbred. En este trabajo investigamos en ratas Wistar crónicamente infectadas con Trypanosoma cruzi, la reactivación de la infección durante la gestación y después del parto, mediante un estudio parasitológico, inmunológico, histopatológico e inmunohistoquímico.

These genetic lines have been used in swine production without existing scientific information about morphology, knowledge that can elucidate factors related to growth performance, such as weight gain and food conversion in lean meat yield. The aim of this experiment was to compare the morphology of digestive and non-digestive organs of modern genotypes. The weight of the organs decreased p Total lymphoid irradiation in the Wistar rat: technique and dosimetry.

The technical and dosimetric aspects of total lymphoid irradiation TLI in the Wistar rat were evaluated as part of a set-up to develop a new model for tumor xenotransplantation. Information obtained from anatomical dissections, radionuclide imaging of the spleen, lymphography and chromolymphography was used to standardize the localization portals cut out in a lead plate.

The two portals encompassed the lymphoid tissue above and below the diaphragm. A specially designed masonite phantom was used to measure the dose distribution in the simulated target volumes. Ionization chamber dosimetery, thermoluminescence dosimetry and film densitometry were used for measuring exposure and absorbed dose. The dose rate was regulated by adjusting the treatment distance. The technique and dosimetry of total lymphoid irradiation in Wistar rats are now standardized and validated and pave the way for tumor xenotransplantation experiments.

Toxicity, distribution, and accumulation of silver nanoparticles in Wistar rats. Espinosa-Cristobal, L. The bactericidal effect of silver nanoparticles SNP has lead to their application in several products mainly in the medicine field.

This study analyzed the distribution, accumulation, and toxicity in principal organs of Wistar rats exposed to SNP suspensions by oral administration. Two sizes of washed SNP 14 and 36 nm were prepared, characterized, and redispersed in deionized water.


Each suspension was administrated to Wistar rats by oral way for 55 days; after finishing this treatment time, rats were sacrificed by anesthesia overdose. Organs were collected, processed, and prepared; then, accumulation and concentrations of SNP were obtained using inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry ICP-MS. Toxicity was determined by clinical chemistry and hematology from blood samples in three different periods; light microscopy LM and scanning electron microscopy SEM were applied to evaluate histopathology in tissues.

Silver concentrations were higher in small intestine, followed by kidney, liver, and brain. Clinical chemistry and hematology showed altered values in blood urea nitrogen, total proteins, and mean corpuscular hemoglobin, concentration values had statistical difference in both groups 14 and 36 nm p Toxicity, distribution, and accumulation of silver nanoparticles in Wistar rats.

Clinical chemistry and hematology showed altered values in blood urea nitrogen, total proteins, and mean corpuscular hemoglobin, concentration values had statistical difference in both groups 14 and 36 nm p Melhoramento do trigo: XII. Em condições de laboratório, foram realizados estudos da tolerância ao alumínio, em soluções nutritivas.

Establishment of HTLV-I-infected cell lines from peripheral blood mononuclear cells of Brazilian patients Estabelecimento de linhagens celulares infectadas por HTLV-I a partir de células mononucleares periféricas de pacientes brasileiros.

This study describes the establishment of cell lines from peripheral blood mononuclear cells PBMC of infected subjects. Ex vivo PBMC were cultured with those from a seronegative donor and morphologic evidence of cell transformation was obtained after 90 days with detection of multinucleated cells exhibiting cerebriform nuclei.

Cell lines were maintained for days, gradually weaned from exogenous IL Immunophenotyping of cell lines on flow cytometry yielded evidence of cell activation. Moreover they may be used with diagnostic purposes in immunofluorescence tests. Este estudo descreve o estabelecimento de linhagens celulares a partir de células mononucleares periféricas CMP de indivíduos infectados.

As linhagens celulares transformadas foram mantidas por dias, com retirada gradual de IL-2 exógena. Millsp Agronomic evaluation of selected pigeon-pea lines Cajanus cajan L. Foi também determinado o teor de proteína bruta e de taninos de amostras da forragem produzida.

The confirmation of those characteristics was necessary because the original accessions presented various degrees of mechanical mixtures and segregation and were submitted to purification process in pollination controlled conditions. In those trials, the lines were cut in several occasions to evaluate forage yield. Each time, it was determined the number of plants in each parcel and its average height.

Also it was determined their crude protein and tannins contents. Among the tested lines, g e g confirmed to have low plants, g94, g and g29b, confirmed to offer good forage yields, while line g presented good initial forage. Full Text Available Five strains of Rhodotorula mucilaginosa were tested for the ability to accumulate free and complexed silver ions by metabolism-dependent and -independent processes.

The Langmuir sorption model was used to evaluate the silver sorption capability of the R. The calculated q max value suggested that R. The type strain CBS had the lowest q max but showed the highest affinity for silver ions. Enquanto que a linhagem. Lesões cardíacas em ratos wistar inoculados com diferentes cepas do Trypanosoma cruzi.

The serum was separated for the biochemical parameter analysis. A histological evaluation was performed in the ileal portion. Increasing doses of pentoxifylline were administrated to newborn Wistar rats in order to augment Sertoli cell number and sperm production in the adult rats. At 90 days, the animals were submitted to anesthesia and intracardiac perfusion. Testes were colleted and routinely processed for inclusion in plastic resin with glycol methacrylate. Mercury is among the heavy metals that have been reported to cause devastating health problem worldwide.

The primary site of action of mercury chloride is the central nervous system. This study investigated the effect of mercury chloride on the cerebral cortex of adult wistar rats. Twenty-four 24 adult wistar rats were used Histological changes in the cerebelli of adult wistar rats exposed to The different constituents of tobacco smoke have been linked to different diseased conditions.

In this work, the histological effects of cigarette smoke on the cerebellum of adult male Wistar rats were studied. Sixteen Wistar rats with mean weight of The Control Group A was Salah satu jenis jamu yang diproduksi di Indonesia mengandung Tribulus terrestris Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui pengaruh jamu dengan Tribulus terrestris terhadap konsentrasi, motilitas, dan morfologi spermatozoa tikus wistar jantan Rattus norvegicus.

Penelitian ini menggunakan metode eksperimental. Sampel 9 ekor tikus wistar jantan Rattus norvegicus dibagi menjadi 3 kelompok yakni, kelompok P Full Text Available Leptin, a polypeptide hormone secreted mainly by adipose tissue, plays an important role in feed intake regulation, energy metabolism and reproduction in several species.

Its function has been intensively studied in mammals; however, in birds limited information is available. The cDNA sequence for chicken leptin has been reported, and high hepatic expression levels of leptin were associated with fat deposition in selected bird lines.

However, controversies still remain concerning to the chicken leptin gene and several authors failed to amplify this gene from genomic DNA or cDNA. In view of this controversy and the importance of this gene, the present study aimed to investigate the leptin gene in a population of birds developed by Embrapa Swine and Poultry Research Center Brazil. For all four pairs of primers designed, several amplification tests were performed with both DNA and cDNA, but neither unique fragment nor expected band size was ever achieved.

The leptin sequence in GenBank does not represent the sequence of the chicken leptin gene. Grundidéen i interkulturelle Projektet Green Kidz. Intercultural environmental citizenship Demand for real-time computer assistance of experiments at PPPL has increased in volume and complexity.

The requirements of real-time computer support, the acquisition, archiving, analysis, and display of data for these devices, are described.

Por outro lado, seu crescimento prosseguiu por todo o período de 90 dias. This work had the purpose of characterizing the development of female Wistar rats subjected to food restriction since birth, investigatingsome quantitative and functional changes resulting from this deficiency.

The female rats of the restriction group, when compared to the controls, had smaller linear and ponderal growth, lower organweight and poorly developed abdominal fat deposits, and delayed vaginal opening. On the other hand, their growth. Psicoterapia das depressões. It is examined the present status of psychotherapeutic treatment of depression, specially the impact of the four types of psychotherapy best empirically tested for the past 10 years: interpersonal therapy, cognitive and behavioral therapies, and brief psychodynamic therapy.

Both the main efficacy studies of those therapies as well as a meta-analytic review of their results are described. The conclusion is that there are already strong evidences of good outcome when ambulatorial unipolar depression is treated by psychossocial interventions, alone or in combination with pharmacotherapy.

Liver morphology and morphometry and plasma biochemical parameters of Wistar rats that received leaf infusion of Rudgea viburnoides Benth. Full Text Available Rudgea viburnoides leaves are widely used in popular Brazilian medicine as a diuretic, antirheumatic, hypotensive and blood depurative tea.

The present study was carried out to investigate the effects of this infusion on the liver and on the plasma biochemical parameters of Wistar rats. Two groups received the R. The histopathological analysis did not show degenerated areas or infiltration of leucocytes. Hepatic morphometry showed accumulation of fat in the hepatocytes of the treated groups. There was no significant change in the plasma levels of urea, creatinin, uric acid, direct bilirubin, cholesterol, total proteins, albumin, gamma glutamyl tranferase gamma-GT, alanine transaminase ALT, aspartate transaminase AST, chlorine, phosphate and calcium.

A significant reduction in the plasma levels of triacylglycerol TAG occurred in the group that received the higher dose. As folhas de Rudgea viburnoides Benth. A total of samples of 21 various materials were tested. Out of 43 positive samples, the MRC-5 line did not show cytotoxicity in 3 sponge samples and. No cultivo em toras, cada linhagem foi inoculada em 40 toras de Eucalyptus grandis com 1 m de comprimento e 9 a 14 cm de diâmetro.

In log cultivation, each strain was inoculated in 40 logs of Eucalyptus grandis with 1 meter length and 9 to 14 cm of diameter. Xenotransplantation of uterine leiomyoma in Wistar rats: a pilot study.

To evaluate whether xenografts derived from hysterectomized patients would implant successfully and lead to uterine leiomyoma in Wistar rats. This experimental study examined six female Wistar rats implanted with uterine leiomyoma obtained from patients who underwent hysterectomies at the gynecological surgery service of the HUUFMA.

The rats were divided into two groups. Group I consisted of three rats in which the uterine leiomyoma had been implanted in the parietal peritoneum, and group II consisted of three rats in which the uterine leiomyoma was implanted in the subcutaneous tissue. After four weeks, necrosis and neovascularization were evaluated histologically in both groups and were classified as either absent or present.

Lymphocytic inflammatory infiltration was also examined and classified as mild, moderate or intense by hematoxylin and eosin staining , and fibrosis was classified as grade I-III by Masson's trichrome staining. Necrosis was absent from all three rats in group I and was observed in only one rat from group II. Neovascularization was present in two rats from group I and in only one rat from group II.

The lymphocytic inflammatory infiltrate was mild in two rats and moderate in one rat from group I, and it was moderate in two rats and intense in one rat from group II. Two rats from group 1 exhibited grade III fibrosis, and one rat presented grade I fibrosis.

When necrosis and neovascularization were evaluated as variables, group I demonstrated greater evidence of successful implantation when compared to group II, indicating that the peritoneal implantation technique produces better results than the subcutaneous approach p.

Mortalidade, pesos corporal e das vísceras. Radiation-induced damage of the Wistar Rat heart. A time sequence study was performed on Wistar rats to investigate the early effects of radiation on the mechanical function and energy metabolism of the heart.

Two series of rats were exposed to 20 Gy electron irradiation to a field including the heart and approximately a third of the lungs. The hearts were excised at varying time intervals days post irradiation. In one series of hearts the mechanical function was measured using the isolated perfused working rat heart model.

In the second series, mitochondria were isolated and the oxidative phosphorylation function measured polarographically substrate: glutamate. Maximal depression of mechanical function was observed at 60 days post irradiation. Thereafter the work performance of these hearts improved significantly, almost reaching control levels after days. The mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation function as measured on the total mitochondrial population was significantly depressed days post irradiation. As in the case of the mechanical changes, the depression was transient and after days post irradiation, values similar to those of controls were obtained.

Myocardial high energy phosphates remained unaltered throughout the experiment. Interaction of mianserin and some hypotensive drugs in Wistar rats. Mianserin is thought to exert little effect on the cardiovascular system. In fact its safety in comparison with tricyclic drugs is high.

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Various experiments gave varying results as for the influence of the drug on arterial blood pressure in people and animals. Therefore, a study was undertaken in Wistar rats to evaluate interactions of mianserin administered intraperitoneally as a single dose, and for 21 days with 3 hypotensive drugs showing different mechanism of action propranolol, enalapril, prazosine.

The results of the study revealed that administration of mianserin in normotensive rats leads to a short-term decrease in blood pressure and significantly enhanced the hypotensive effect of prazosine.

Repeated doses of mianserin lead to a temporary increase in blood pressure after 2 weeks of administration. Single and repeated administration of mianserin did not change the hypotensive effect of propranolol and enalapril. Three-week therapy with mianserin significantly enhanced the hypotensive effect of prazosine.

Full Text Available The present study addressed the hypothesis that leptin promotes leukocyte trafficking into adipose tissue. Leukocyte trafficking in mesenteric venules was quantified by intravital microscopy. Treatment with leptin resulted in a 3- and 5-fold increases in rolling and firm adhesion, respectively. Similar increases in these markers were observed in mesenteric venules and in liver.

Finally, the direct effect of leptin was assessed in C3A hepatocytes treated with leptin for 24 hours 7. These findings support the hypothesis that leptin directly initiates inflammation in the local environment of mesenteric adipose tissue as well as systemically. Maternal and developmental toxicity of ayahuasca in Wistar rats.

Ayahuasca is a psychotropic plant beverage initially used by shamans throughout the Amazon region during traditional religious cult. In recent years, ayahuasca has also been used in ceremonies of a number of modern syncretic religious groups, including pregnant women.

However, no documented study has been performed to evaluate the risk of developmental toxicity of ayahuasca. In the present work, maternal and developmental toxicity was evaluated in Wistar rats. Ayahuasca was administered to pregnant rats in three different doses [the equivalent typical dose TD administered to humans, five-fold TD and fold TD] during the gestational period days. Dams treated with the highest ayahuasca dose showed maternal toxicity with decrease of weight gain and food intake.

Visceral fetal findings were observed in all treatment groups. Skeletal findings were observed in the intermediate- and high-dose groups. The fetuses deriving from the highest dose group also presented a decrease in body weight. From these results, it is possible to conclude that there is a risk of maternal and developmental toxicity following ayahuasca exposure and that the level of toxicity appears to be dose-dependent. Brain dysfunctions in Wistar rats exposed to municipal landfill leachates.

Catalase CAT and superoxide dismutase SOD activities, and malondialdehyde MDA concentrations in the brain and serum of rats were evaluated; body and brain weight gain and histopathology were examined. Full Text Available The hedonic component of the feeding behavior involves the mesolimbic reward system and resembles addictions. Nowadays, the excessive consumption of sucrose is considered addictive. The Wistar -Kyoto WKY rat strain is prone to develop anxiety and addiction-like behavior; nevertheless, a lack of information regarding their vulnerability to develop sugar binging-like behavior SBLB and how it affects the reward system persist.

Therefore, the first aim of the present study was to compare the different predisposition of two rat strains, Wistar W and WKY to develop the SBLB in female and male rats.

Also, we studied if the SBLB-inducing protocol produces changes in anxiety-like behavior using the plus-maze test PMT and, analyzed serotonin 5-HT and noradrenaline NA concentrations in brain areas related to anxiety and ingestive behavior brain stem, hypothalamus, nucleus accumbens, and amygdala.

Finally, we evaluated whether fluoxetine, a drug that has been effective in reducing the binge-eating frequency, body weight, and severity of binge eating disorder, could also block this behavior. PMT was performed between the last two test periods.

Immediately after the last test where sucrose access was available, rats were decapitated and brain areas extracted for high-performance liquid chromatography analysis. WKY rats consumed more calories and ingested a bigger amount of sucrose solution than their W counterpart.


This behavior was reversed by using fluoxetine, rats exposed to the SBLB-inducing protocol presented a rebound effect during the washout period. No changes were found in 5-HT levels. Finally, animals that developed SBLB showed increased. Tissue injuries of wistar rats treated with hydroalcoholic extract of Sonchus oleraceus L. Fonte Cerveja Itaipava — Friz Quadrata. Fonte Circo — Circus , Carnival. Fonte Coca -Cola — Loki Cola. Fonte Detona Ralph — Sonic Advance 2 font. Fonte Dora Aventureira — Brady Bunch.


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